Transgender Bathrooms

Transgender bathrooms?  Well… it’s certainly a new freedom!

Well… it is certainly a new “freedom”!  I don’t want to be flippant or “churchy”, but allow me to propose a certain line of thinking that involves a deeper meaning of “sin.”

It has been said that the root of all sin is self.  If you are familiar with the classic “seven deadly sins” (pride, greed, lust, wrath, envy, gluttony, sloth) you see the common root is an obsession with self.  In their manifestations in our day, like adultery, human trafficking, shoplifting, terrorism, or even road rage; it is all about self no matter the cost. Continue reading “TRANSGENDER BATHROOMS”


Flag_AmericanThere is a lot of revisionism going on about where this nation came from.  For example, Bishop Paul O’Brien of the Universal Life Church claims:

The United States was started by men we today would call pagans.  They wrote a constitution without one word about God or Jesus in it.  And in the amendments they said there should be no laws respecting the establishment of religion.  This too is excluding God…Jefferson, Madison, Washington, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Pain, Patrick Henry and most of our Found Fathers were deists. Continue reading “WHAT WAS AMERICA’S “FIRST LOVE”?”


Cake_Divorced_s3Browsing through internet images, I noticed a new product in the bakery world; it’s “Just Divorced” cakes.  There are a couple of classic lines to celebrate one’s cake day.  “I do, I did, I’m done!”  or a ball and broken chain that says “Free At last!”  There was one practical cake, showing the ex-spouse pushed over the side as it exclaims, “Problem Solved.”

I have no doubt that there are legitimate reasons for divorce, such as abuse.  But until recently, we have not seen divorce as something to celebrate. Continue reading “WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO “SHAME”?”