Spanish God_pic

“It must have seemed like an unprecedented success.  Limitless Spanish gold!”


Fifteenth century Spain was a thriving empire.  What they discovered in the New World was an almost limitless supply of gold, there for the taking!  It must have seemed like an unprecedented success.  Limitless Spanish gold! Continue reading “SPANISH GOLD”

El Diablo


“Those kids were playing their hearts out, but it was just so natural to try and cheat their way to heaven!”

You have to love what kids can teach you!  It was the third day of Kid’s Camp on the lake.  The theme this year was focus on goals.  Sarah was teaching a great lesson on heaven as a goal.  The kids were attentive and asking questions well beyond their years.  We’re all impressed with how well the lesson went; and now on to our favorite camp game, “El Diablo.”  It’s kind of like sharks and minnows, only with a spiritual twist.  The goal is to make it to the far line (heaven) without getting tagged by “El Diablo.” Continue reading “El Diablo”


Charlottesville_picAfter the Charlottesville demonstration blew up in the news, I found myself asking, “What exactly, is the alt (alternative) right?”

I didn’t care much for what I found, but I admit, I was amazed at the extensive world out there!  For example:

Beside the blog group with the name sake, “Alt Right”, there’s the Identitarian movement, a white nationalist movement that advocates a return to “traditional western values”.  The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi white supremacist website; the Traditionalist Youth Network which supports “white supremacist view of Christianity” (as if that’s possible); The American Nazi Party; National Anarchism out of Britain that subscribes to each race living in their own confederation; The Council of Conservative Citizens, an American white supremacist group, and the list goes on and on. Continue reading “CHARLOTTESVILLE”