Questions_1It’s pretty much official, we live in a post-Christian culture.  It is not that we have outgrown the concept of God, we’ve just strayed away from Him.  The result has been a profound loss in understanding the actual teaching of the faith.


Even if an individual has no desire to be in the faith, it is a loss of heritage, because like it or not, Judeo-Christianity has been infused in western culture since 200 BC.  That’s a lot of heritage!


The truth is, for all the information out there, it is rather difficult to get an honest and balanced answer based on Biblical teaching.  I’m by no means a scholar, but I am an ordained pastor who cares about this community in which I live.  I also have a strong passion for honesty and balance in approaching Scripture.


So here’s the deal.  I’m hoping for questions from the community.  Maybe it’s respectfully addressing a spiritually hostile meme or comment, maybe it just something you’ve wondered about, or perhaps it’s a conflict you sense within Scripture itself.  There are lots of honest questions out there.


I would love to hear them and do my best to address them.  Even if we can’t settle every issue, perhaps we can wrestle with them together.  I’d love to learn from you, just as much as I’d like to offer a thought that might help in your ponderings.


Here’s to looking forward to the community’s spiritual questions.  Just forward them to  I’ll do my best to offer an honest, clear, and Biblically balanced response.

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