Bag in the wind2“The point is, our lives can be like that bag, victims of the wind instead of sailing.”

From the parking lot, I watched a bag swirl to impressive heights, and then dash to the ground, mired in a puddle or snagged on some object.  When the wind kicked up, it would be swept up again, muddied by the puddles, or torn by the last sharp edge. Continue reading “ARE YOU A BAG OR BOAT?”


lifeSchedules are hectic and it is human nature to live in the day-to-day, but there are three questions that hang over us all.

One feature I appreciate about being a pastor is that it often forces me to look at life in its totality.  I remember a few Saturdays where I had left a funeral, doing my best to help loved ones find closure; to celebrate a wedding where life as a family was just beginning.  Such experiences have stretched my view of life and I am grateful. Continue reading “BETWEEN FUNERALS & WEDDINGS”



newyearIt’s a new year, time to hit the big “reset” button!


It’s a new year, time to hit the big “reset” button on life, right?  Out with the old, in with the new; so we have new resolutions and visions on how this year is going to be different.  We almost convince ourselves that time is in distinct chunks that can be separated from each other.  –As if moving from December 31 to January 1 is like resetting the video game. Continue reading “IT’S A NEW YEAR… OR IS IT?”